Written assignment

Masthead and her main character Gorilla in her short story were more alike than different in their values. They both demonstrated strength, courage, and determination no matter how hard times may have gotten for the two of them. Masthead struggled with a hard marriage similar to the main character Gorilla in her short story titled Guerilla. Messmate is the most significant writer in the Bengali language. She has been very successful in her life time and has published, “Twenty collections of short stories and more than one hundred other books” (Divide Masthead).

Masthead was married to Bijou Apothecary who was an important person in the Indian People’s Theater Association. They had a baby boy and sadly lived in poverty; sadly Masthead became extremely sick with tuberculosis and became stricken with malnutrition. After becoming divorced from her husband, Masthead did not lose sight of her goals and dreams and went back to finish school and joined the faculty of Boyar College which was set up for the working class woman. Soon Masthead began writing.

Even though Masthead did not have an easy life being married and became ill, she remained goal-oriented and driven to succeed not only her but also her son, a trait that was very noticeable in her short story Guerilla. All the characters are fictional in the story Gorilla in the sense that they are inventions of Megawatt’s imagination but their physical and social surroundings, the codes they live by, the attitudes they embody and the problems they deal with are based on close documentation of everyday life in rural Bengal in the sass’s” (Divide Masthead).

Gorilla was a young girl who came from a wealthy family but was arranged to be married at the young age of thirteen to a man that was not who her father thought he was. Gorilla was married to a man named Leached who did not have a house to call his own, did not have a good eying job and also was addicted to ganja. Gorilla had to live in a small hut with no roof on a lot of the baby’s household. Gird soon began working for the baby’s house by doing house work in order to receive meals.

Soon after being married Gird and her husband gave birth to their daughter Bella and then not long after two more children were born. The family was extremely poor and Leached had a hard time supporting the family on the little pay he made. Leached asked Gird to sell her silver jewelry for money to buy a house. Gird said no she would not sell the jewelry because she knew how hard her father irked for the money in order to purchase the jewelry. Leached began to think about ways to come up with money and decided the quickest way was to marry his daughters off in order to be paid.

Laughlin was told by his friend Moan about a friend who married off his daughter and was paid 500 rupees. As soon as Alcohol heard the amount he would be paid to marry off his daughter he did not think twice and when his wife Gird went to go visit her family and unfortunately had to leave their daughter Bella at home because she had to work was the last time she ever saw her daughter again. Alcohol send her to become married off but in reality she sold to a gang and forced into becoming a prostitute. He gang had demonstrating fake weddings to make it look like they were being married off so as not to gain attention to their plot. When Gird learned about what Alcohol did she became very depressed and mad at her husband. How could he have done that she thought to herself? How could a father sell his own flesh and blood for money? Gird would never be able to see her daughter again, soon after this horrible incident. Gird wanted to find a husband for her other daughter Porto ND when Gird thought that her husband found her a successful husband she learned the same fate has happened to Bella.

Gird was distraught and could not believe what has happened to her family. She picked up her head and her son and left and did not kick back. The factors that affect the lives Of these characters are in this time of society it was important for woman to be married and have children. Most times the fathers of the daughters were more concerned with making money from having their daughters married then making sure they find a trustworthy, respectful, loving husband for their innocent daughter. This was unfortunately proven in the short story.