We Celebrated

Ernest Jugular. Our celebration continuous in September 10, with our first event was opening of the exhibit that was prepared by the different teams which consists tallest 29-32 students, the teams composes of ABS, ABACAS, ABS, BSRAM, BEST. We establish names to each group namely Team Kayaked, Team Mascara, Team Suwannee, and Team Pangaea. After the opening of the exhibit we proceed to our Cultural Dance that was practiced and prepared by our groups and perform in our school ground.

Then we have our street dance, teams also prepared their own group yell that was held in Grand Hall Afternoon vent was quiz bee consist of elimination round, average and difficult each teams consists 1 participant each program. After quiz bee we have amazing race which we have 8 stations that each group should pass each station to be announced as winners. For our second day event we have our morning completion Market Basket High School, Set Menu, Table Skirting, Bed making, then our afternoon competition Market Basket College, Fruit Flambé, Product Selling.

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Each completion consists of competitors that was directly given by the leader of each team to his/her members. Market Basket High school and Market Basket College consist of 3 members each team. Each team should cook 3 dishes which is appetizer or soup or salad, entree, and dessert. We also provide secret ingredients for them to incorporate that ingredient to each dish. For table skirting they should provide a design using table cloth and linen. Bed making participant should be neat and faster to make the bed as what many hotels make it.

Set menu is a competition of plating dishes using white plate. Each dishes should be well prepared design and make it creative when showing to judges. Fruit flambé is a completion of womanish and cooking a dessert using a liquor to flame the fruit and make the taste better. We also provide a secret ingredient to participant’s they should complement the ingredients in their dishes. Product selling is a way of marketing something that was given by the organizers on the spot or at the moment they are competing.

They should sell this product to our judges. Third day which we call our last day celebration. It was held on school ground with our different competitions we have cocktail Mixing, Fruit and Vegetable carving, Table Setting and Napkin folding. In cocktail mixing they would perform as well as mix some cocktail drinks present them to judges and they II be asked for bar knowledge which consists of 10 international cocktail. Fruit and Vegetable carving participant should carve watermelon and tomato to present they should be creative to have a good result.

Table setting is setting a tables and chairs that have design plates and it should have its own concept. They should show a preparation how they will put plates on tables. Napkin folding in this competition they should perform a dance and fold our linens in different design. It should be neat and they should be faster. They should prepare one of their own designs to the judges. To our celebration night. We prepare foods and entertainment to our co students and faculties.

We also prepare the most waited of the students our awarding. We give their certificate each winner to prove that how great what they did, being sportsmanship and the result of their harder and competitive attitude that they put all over the 3 day event. At the last minute we announced the overall champion of all competition. It was heaven as we see students havening fun with our event. And we are thankful for their participation and to faculties who help as to make this event possible.