Ways To Spend On Holidays

John, her English teacher wants every pupil to write a composition on how each of them spends the holidays. Me Line loves to cook and sew. Therefore, she is going to ask her mother to teach her some new dishes. She will compile the recipes and add them to her collection. She has promised to help her mother sew some curtains and cushion covers. Besides that, Me Line plans to enroll as a member of the State Library. The State Library stocks a wide collection of books, from novels to reference materials. Me Line loves to read adventure and horror books.

In addition, her parents have enrolled her in a Whiz Kid Computer Module for four weeks. She is looking forward to the classes. She hopes to become computer saws. Her parents are on leave. They will be taking the whole family on a trip to the East coast. They intend to visit relatives and friends as well as go sightseeing for a few days. Me Line has lots of ideas for her composition and has jotted down some points. Mr.. John has promised a prize for the best composition and Me Line hopes to win the prize.

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