Vietnam Letter to Home

The hot climate is a detriment to our energy. Another frustration out here is guerrilla warfare. The Viet Congo had sneaky moves that makes us not know where they are coming from. Lastly, all the Vietnamese kick alike. Therefore, we could not tell any of them apart. As a result, we may be killing innocent citizens, or Viet Congo members. Four days ago I was walking cautiously in the jungle. This is because the Viet Congo set up traps, so I could have easily stepped on one. This would have exulted in a severe injury, disease, or death.

As was walking, came across a stream. The body of water was moving fast, so at all costs, I had to avoid falling into it. The stream was too wide to jump across, so moved slowly toward the two vines set up that would help you across. I came to the conclusion that the vines were meant to be used like a bridge because they were set up perfectly parallel to each other. Therefore, while holding onto the vine above your head for balance, you could walk along the vine below you to get across. As I did so, the vine below me snapped, and was hanging above he stream by two hands on a vine that could not hold my weight for long.

I tried to move my hands one at a time across the vine, but every time I would move, it would shake even more. However, didn’t have to worry about doing that. This is because a multitude of Viet Congo members were yelling and running toward me. Without hesitation, I let go of the vine and ran across the stream. When I tried to look back, couldn’t see anything beyond the stream, so as I turned my head back around, I banged into a huge tree. I knew I had to get up, but I had to keep going. Therefore, I crawled into a bush to hide from the Viet Congo.

For as long as I can remember, I was in that bush for a whole day. When woke up, I was being cared for by U. S. Medics. I asked them what happened, and they said that some troops who were going on search and destroy missions found me lying in a bush passed out. I am so thankful that they found me because if they didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be writing this letter home. Although I don’t know what the future will bring, I am eager to see what happens out here in Vietnam.