Tourism Report

Malaysia rank fell from 9 to 10. This was the result due to a lower number of tourists arriving in Malaysia in 2012. Analyzing the current situation Of Malaysia answers the causes Of this decrease in rank. Major issues have risen on Malaysia and need to be dealt by the government. The first major issue which requires to be dealt with is communication. The Malaysian government needs to insure that it effectively communicates with the citizens and visitors of the country.

The second major issue is that religion and race issues which are being faced by the different citizens of Malaysia. This issue is a major problem for the tourism of the country as many articles have been posted related to it. Word of mouth spreads information quickly and with modern media forms such as social pages, which are Backbone, Twitter, and etc, could make people dislike the country before visiting tithe third issue is the level of pollution rising tremendously in Malaysia causing the atmosphere to be unhealthy. Figure 2 shows one of the rivers being highly contaminated and dead due to the pollution.

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The last issue which is a major concern to the development of the country is crime rates. Crime rates are increasing and are a factor that prevents the tourists from visiting the country. Each issue will be analyzed in detail and it would be analyzed that how it affects the marketing campaign and stakeholders and how it can be dealt with. The first issue which will be analyzed is communication of the government with the citizens and other stake holders. It is important for the government to maintain their communication with the citizens in order to keep the level of trust.

Recent crises caused the trust to be broken which has caused a active impact on the tourism market for Malaysia. The disappearance of the MM 370 was not reported to citizens from the government. This caused matters to become worse when the citizens started protesting. Later on, the government accepted the fact that the flight disappeared and has started affecting the tourism of the country negatively. This is completely a moral and ethical issue which has caused the trust on the Malaysian government to disappear.

A recent survey was taken in which 54% of the population Of Malaysia believed that the government was hiding the fact about the disappearance of the flight. Crisis can be countered any time and cannot be controlled but how they are dealt with defines the future. The government refused to admit the disappearance and completely blew the trust of the citizens. This will have a major issue on the tourism market for Malaysia. Citizens will not want to travel to a country which has a government covering up critical information. The South China Morning Post states that the Chinese travelers have decreased by 50% due to the current incident.

This shows the negative impact due to the lack of communication. Moreover, this also has an impact on the marketing campaign. For instance, Figure 3 shows the home page for the Malaysian Airlines. The statement below states “Wherever you go no one will ever know’ is causing a massive issue related to the disappearance. This has directly affected the number of tourists and the community. It can be seen that the number of visitor will decline. 50% of just Chinese travelers are declining; more will decline from other countries as well.

It will also affect the local community due to the communication gap which will make them lose trust in their government. Besides this, it will also impact the airlines due to the communication issue. If the issue was stated earlier and was not avoided it would not have resulted in this much chaos. Hence, the government should insure that from now on they communicate with the community clearly and avoid hiding and covering up issues. The second issue is the pollution level of the country. The pollution level of Malaysia is rising tremendously and is causing a major problem to the attractions of the country.

The Straits Times mentions the level of API (Air Pollution Index) in the major six areas of Potentiality. The API ranges of these six areas from 101-116. The API classifies 101-200 completely unhealthy for the citizens. In Figure 1 it can be seen the haze completely shrouding the Putter Mosque and Malaysian Prime Ministers office at PM. Along with air pollution, water pollution has risen over the years too. The Universities Putter Malaysian Environmental Forensics Research Centre unit head Dry Hafiz Chair said that the supply of the clean water is shortening due to the water pollution.

Rivers in Clangor are highly contaminated and could result in becoming dead rivers. (http://www. Thetas. Com. My/News/Nation/2012/10/12/ Clangor-rivers-polluted/)This is a massive problem for the government as it will affect the beauty of the country itself. The Patronage twin tower will lose its value if it is surrounded by highly contaminated rivers. Pollution has a tremendous effect on the marketing campaign of the country. In the broaches Malaysia is shown clean and tidy and this gives the potential tourists expectations that they will witness this beauty.

But when they arrive in the country and witness the haze and polluted rivers they are disappointed. This causes a negative impact on the marketing campaign as the customers is being show what does not exist. Besides visitors, the local community faces issues due to these problems. The access to clean water has crease dramatically and is causing a problem in Malaysia. Along with the water pollution, the air pollution is making it unhealthy for the citizens and can result in health issues if not dealt with in future. The government should take an action and decrease the pollution in its country to not lose their potential tourists.

If the government does not take an action now the condition of the country will worsen through pollution and would result in major health issues. The third issue is the crime rate in the country. The crime rate in the country has become a major safety issue in the country. Crime acts such as murders, rapes, and theft have doubled from 2000-2009. Rape cases according to the New York Times are doubling to 2,964 cases. Moreover, in August around 1 1 ,OHO people were arrested due to being a part of a gang. This is a safety and a social issue which needs to be dealt with more effectively.

The government was able to decrease the robberies from 722 cases in 2000 to 1 7 cases in 2012. Although the robberies rates were minimized other crimes are still at large. Safety is a major concern and criteria on which the tourists choose their destination place. A survey by the VIA egging which collected data from 9,000 respondents states that respondents consider safety as major criteria. Safety just does not have an impact on the visitors but also on the community and local business. The community is not safe and especially women due to the rape cases. This makes them feel more vulnerable and could result in internal issues.

Besides the community, local business will suffer as less businessmen will travel from abroad to deal with local business due to the lack of safety and high bribery. The government should focus on completely dealing with the crime rates and minimizing them n order to develop their country’s tourism. Providing a sense of safety is a major concern and should not be ignored. The fourth and final major concern is the conflict between the ethnic and cultural among the people of Malaysia. Recent reports from the Jakarta post reveal that there are various conflicts between religions.

For instance, it mentions how Non-Muslims pupils were witnessed eating next to a toilet to not offend the Muslim pupils. This results in a massive religious issue during July 22 2013. Moreover, ethnic groups issues are rising as reported from Time when Tamil in Malaysia protested for their rights. They protest was ignored and tear gas and water was used by a group of 5,000 people. The community of Malaysia was shocked as the protesters were treated like animals. Tourists would consider it unethical and a denomination to travel to Malaysia.

Moreover, religious issues such as Malaysia being an Islamic country discourages people who seek to enjoy night to travel. However, this issue was encountered and now Malaysia is knows for it’s night life. The government needs to fix issues between religious and social groups in order to achieve a sense of peace between them and to make all feel equal. This could be done for instance by vying Tamil their rights and making sure equality exists. Defining the Destinations Key Product Attributes and Identity Malaysia is various numbers of attractions that target specific segments and appeals to them.

Each attraction tends to attract the tourists and local community in a different way. The main attractions are Bath Caves, Islamic Arts Museum, Sunday Lagoon, and the Language Islands. Each of these destinations has specific attributes such as Language Islands which is approached to customers as a getaway from the rest of the world. The first attraction that will be analyzed is Bath Caves. Bath cave is an Hindu temple located km of north Koala Lump. This temple is dedicated to Lord Murmuring and is constructed around the caves of limestone. This temple is an attraction for Non-Muslims but is also visited by Muslims.

A Bath cave consists of three main caves and other smaller ones. The biggest cave is the Temple Cave which is known for its high ceilings and Hindu shrines. Art Gallery Cave and Museum Cave both feature Hindu statues and painting. These caves consist of audio tours which educated how Lord Murmuring won against the demon Crossroads. Besides being a religious site, it also attract aorist through unique species cave formation. For instance, the Dark Cave is a popular site which consists of limestone formations and fruit bats. It allows tourist to witness rare species and unique limestone formations.

Bath Caves is visited all over the year as it is just not an attraction but also a religious place. Figure 4 shows people celebrating Ethiopians, which is a Hindu Festival, at Bath Caves. Bath Caves main attribute is that it is a holy place for the Hindu people. It seeks out to them and offers them to celebrate their traditions here. This allows people of Malaysia and tourists to gather in a ingle place and celebrate together. The other attribute is that it speaks out to people who are adventurous and want to preserve the environment. The Dark Caves is one of the many caves in Bath Caves and is a heritage there.

It has the rarest species and allows the tourist to witness limestone formations. Bath Caves has started promoting Dark Caves to preserve it by spreading awareness about it. Dark Caves and Bath Caves will tend to retain their segments as they are preserved and are reaching out to more people. Religious people will visit it no matter what as it is a historical location for hem and after hosting Hindu festivals it attracts a larger crowd. The Ethiopians is the largest Hindu festival held in Koala Lump. Along with religious people, it will sustain the adventure seeking and CEO-friendly audience as they are continuously promoting Dark Caves.

They are constantly communicating about their rare species and lime stones to reach out to the customers. On their weapon, under their mission, they mention that they seek to spread awareness about the conservation for the cave. As discussed before, the government should take into account the major concerns which are limiting the tourism market from developing. Pollution specially needs to be taken care of in order to protect their attractions. The government should insure that they promote conservation Of the environment in Malaysia in order to preserve the cave.

The government should fine the individuals and firms who pollute and dump waste in the water. These reasons can help promote attractions such as Bath Caves. Sunday Lagoon is a complete different attraction that appeals to people to take a day off and enjoy with their family or friends. Sunday Lagoon was initially a watermark that was targeting the families and individuals who wanted to enjoy a day off and enjoy the water slides. However, Sunday Lagoon expanded its target market by capturing different individual hobbies and needs by opening a scream park and an extreme park.

Scream park and extreme park include activities like off-road driving, paintball, and etc. Opening these parks allowed Sunday Lagoon to widen its target market. Now it appeals to the individuals who seek extreme sports and attracts them. Sunday Lagoon definitely formed a cluster through this and allows customers to enjoy fun filled activities. Although it was known as a watermark destination, Sunday Lagoon now wants its customers to perceive it as a multi park destination. The attributes of Sunday Lagoon mainly are that it’s a stress relieving and family place. It promotes family gatherings by having special packages for family reunions.

It basically wants the people to think of it as a family reunion or a place where they can celebrate their life event such as birthdays. Sunday Lagoon is retaining its market segments by expanding its parks offering such as the scream parks and extreme parks. This way they are preserving their old market segment and attracting new ones. The other distinctive attraction is Language. Language is a group of 99 Island located in North of Malaysia. There are various products offered by Language such as the crocodile adventure land, beaches, underwater world, eagle square, cable car, and bird watching.

There are various beaches in Language. Each is different amongst itself. For instance the Piñata Paisa HITA means black sand. The sand in the beach is mixed with black shades due to iron ore deposits. The Data Bay is filled with expensive resorts. The attributes of Linsang Island is that it is a getaway for couples especially. It allows them to get away from the world and enjoy with each other next to a beach. It is filled with exciting scenery and attracts them with its beauty. The other attribute is that it has island which each target a different income earner.

For instance as mentioned the Data Bay consists of a luxurious resort which allows the customers to experience a high standard of living. On the other hand, there are resorts which appeal out to budgeted travelers. This shows that Language is not a getaway for only high end couple but for all couples. This is the main attribute of Language Island. As mentioned in the Arabian Industry weapon that Language is appealing to the Middle Eastern tourists as a getaway Island. Language will be able to retain its segment if the government improves the infrastructure of the area.