Soured Milk Executive Report

By the middle of July, there were a few incidents with drink orders that Michelle tried to discuss with Barbara, since it was impacting customer service. On July 28, Michelle is faced with another drink incident with Barbara and is debating if she should discuss this situation with management. Problems: The restaurant is currently experiencing problems which are affecting the business in a negative way. One of the problems is the relationships between employees. The second problem is a process issue in the operations of drink orders.

The third problem is with the consistent quality of drinks to the customers. Causes: The first element is a “lack of fit” between the people, particularly, Barbara, because she is not getting along with the new employees. The second element is the task of placing drink orders and as a result of the process not being fully mechanized, there were missing chits. The third element is the pattern of drink order incidents between two staff members resulting in poor service.

Goals: The goal is to develop an effective scheduling model given the experience of each employee. The second goal is to monitor and track the drink order process. The third goal is to measure employee satisfaction. Actions Alternative: The first action is to schedule Barbara and Michelle on different shifts. The weekly results on sales will identify if this change was effective. The second action is to have management install cameras in order to monitor the process flows of placing orders where it is not mechanized and there is human intervention.

The third action is to develop an employee revue in order to create action plans based on the employee feedback. Recommendation/Implementation/Contingency: The recommendation is to assign Barbara and Michelle to different shifts effective July 29th. The management team will hold a meeting to communicate the change in the schedule. The management team will monitor the results based on the schedule change. If the results are not improved, the management team could consider transferring Barbara to another location or ultimately terminate her employment.