SONY Pyramid

This includes regular, repeat purchases, Sony has a loyal customers Attitudinal attachment: Customers have loved SONY for decades and many segments have grown up with their groundbreaking products, and see some of the products as a special purchase, ASS, VIVO, EXPIRE Judgments Quality: The Customer perception of the quality of the Sony products/services with the SONY broadband is high Credibility: Decreased expertise ; Used to be – innovative and setting the tone, now Apple & Samsung play his role.

Sony Trustworthiness is relatively high because of its legacy, and the likeability has decreased over the years and is not what it used to be. Consideration: Sony is still a relevant brand, it fulfills the functional needs, however the needs higher up the Pyramid of Moscow (esteem/self-actualization) cannot be fulfilled due to the brands lack of status and product design.

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Superiority: Sony is still significant and superior on many areas in the field of technology and electronics and deliver quality only a handful competitors can offer. Sense of community: The feel and a sense of community of SONY lovers is applicable for some of the products.

International brand recognition Active engagement: This is the strongest example of brand loyalty, but this is not very applicable to the SONY brand, however in the GAMING section there are some Feelings aroused around the Sony brand Social approval (low risk choice) Reliability Sleek Minimalist/Sober Sophisticated Fun Rather functional than it is fashionable, Sleek new designs , Sober colors Performance m eager Sonny’s key strength and company’s jawbone to success are their high quality, high performance products and good durability in combination with minimalist sober design for an affordable price Sleek well designed product lines that are visually stimulating to the extent that they look functional, slightly futuristic and they deliver high quality imagery for consumers.

Sonny’s brand logo reflects this functionality and minimalist style, without (drastically) changing the logo, it still gets the job done. Salience Sonny’s distinctive “classical” logo and font alongside with its accessible and say to communicate brand name, has contributed to a strong brand that is placed over multiple (diverse) products and services. It symbolizes both widely recognized quality and decades of innovation, a company that has been setting the tone, and still today has not lost its relevance. A brand that has successfully diversified its products and service range.