Softball in the Olympics

For well over thirty years, people often referred this name to many things, including “indoor baseball,” “kitten baseball,” “diamond baseball,” and even “mush ball. ” In 1926, at a YMCA National Recreation Congress meeting, Walter Hansson introduced the sport as softball and the name stuck. 113 countries officially joined the International Softball Federation since it was first created in 1952. Softball was becoming very popular, and everyone wanted it to become an Olympic sport.

The International Olympic Committee (OIC) voted to have softball at the XVI Olympian in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. Everyone was overwhelmed that the woman’s version of the United States’ national estimate was now an Olympic sport. The US received gold in the first three competitions of softball. In Athens, we actually outscored our opponents 511. In 2008, we earned silver, losing to Japan in the championship game. Softball was barely voted out by the OIC, and decided that it wasn’t going to be in the 201 2 Olympic games.

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The OIC kept the voting secret and said that they just wanted to add a variety of sports to the games. There were five nominees, golf, rugby, squash, karate, and roller skating, to be a new addition to the Summer Olympics. Squash and estate were nominated, but were overwhelmingly shot down in the final decision. There has always been a contradiction about the real reason softball was removed out of the Olympics. Some people think that the sport was too “American” because after all, the sport was created here in the USA.

Also, the USA has been dominating ever since they put the sport in the Olympics. Crystal Bust’s, who hit a record five home runs during the 2004 Olympics, says, “If that did play a role in the decision, then that’s pretty pathetic. I don’t mean to cut anybody down, but it’s supposed to be the best of the best, and if you get knocked for your excellence, then that’s just not right. ” completely agree with her. The US worked hard to earn their medals, and shouldn’t have that taken away from them for that reason.