Science Notes

Which is not a similarity between terrestrial and aquatic pyramid Both type Of energy pyramid contain the same species of organism Which of the following explains the inversion of the aquatic pyramid of biomass High phytoplankton turnover rate The principle character distinguishing marine and fresh water ecosystems is Dissolved salt Land habitats Plants and animals do not respond to the presence of biotic factors in their ecosystems False Biotic factors, like water are critical to most food chains True Which of the following is not true about polar bears They all hibernate

The coyote is found across North America Which is not an adaptation of desert animals that help them retain and acquire water in such a hot and dry environment? Evolved an internal ‘air conditioning’ system to help them stay cool Which of the following Gila monster adaptations is based on the reproductive cycles of Gambler’s quails and cottontail rabbits? Fat storage in their tails When gaining biodiversity, occurs when a new resource is introduced to a species and individual members of that species begin to specialize in the resources that are available.

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Competition Biodiversity How can an increase in biodiversity lead to an increase in ecosystem stability? A more biodiversity ecosystem has a higher chance of adapting to species changes What happened to the greenish warbler birds as they migrated from the southern portion of their range up around the Tibetan Plateau? They evolved separately as they moved north and became two separate species. Plants are eaten by grasshoppers, which are eaten by mice, which are eaten by snakes. He number of plants will increase, the number of mice will decrease, the number of snakes will decrease Ecosystems with greater biodiversity have an increased stability. True Which of the following statements about migration is true Animals migrate for various reason The water hyacinth is an invasive species that can spread extremely fast, blanketing a water surface in a very short period Of time. It can limit boat traffic, swimming, and fishing and it can deprive native plants and animals of sunlight and oxygen, thus reducing the local biodiversity.

This situation demonstrates how changes in biodiversity impact an ecosystems Plants are eaten by grasshoppers, which are eaten by mice, which are eaten y snakes The populations of grasshoppers, mice, and snakes would decrease Which of the following is not a possible reason for migration? Increased biodiversity When the comb jelly, Nepotisms elided, was introduced into the Black Sea, its population exploded to 500 comb jellies per cubic yard in 1988. The jellies devoured all the zooplankton and fish larvae, drastically reducing the numbers of the native fish populations.

This situation demonstrates the impact Of removing or adding organisms to an ecosystem. Miscalculation occurs within a population Contrasting observation or objects n chemistry class, Kathy is doing a lab about chemical changes. Some of her recorded observations include: MGM metal -? burned – bright light – produced white/gray powder. Zinc metal – dissolved in HCI. Sucrose – burned to black – distinct odor. Of the following choices, which best represents contrasting observations from Kathy lab? MGM metal burned and produced white/gray powder, Sucrose burned to black Blizzards and hurricanes are examples of contrasting observable events.