Role Model Interview

What was your major in college? He originally in school to become an athletic trainer with a minor in English. Ended up majoring in sinology with an emphasis on pedagogy. 4. How does your major relate to your career? He teaches high school physical education as well as body conditioning. Along with coaching here at Chaffed college 5. What did you learn in college that has been useful in your career, or private life? Coach had stated that, he was only john to get out what he put into It. So he decided to study hard and become a better student. 6. What important and useful habits did you develop in college to be successful in your career? He learned how to become a student.

Study skills and techniques that had eloped him learn were not the same as everyone else had. He had to find new ways to fit him. 7. What important choices did you have to make in your life to successfully complete your education and secure your career? Coach said, his dream was to play football. Eventually he had to give up on that dream. He had a son to take care of so he gave up his dream of playing. Sacrifice is something we all must do to achieve something we desire. 8. What advice would you give me? The advice coach gave to me was, major in something you love. If your job is a passion you will never work a day in your life.

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