restoration period [Literature]

James I
printed dictionaries

James I
Puritans fled due to religious persecution under his reign

Charles I
beheaded by Parliament (Civil War)

Oliver Cromwell
protectorate/commonwealth government

debt, Presbyterians and Independents couldn’t compromise on issues, Richard was a weak leader after Cromwell died
why didn’t Cromwell’s government succeed?

Charles II
restoration of Stuart line

James II
Catholic king, William and Mary invited to take over the throne, Bloodless Revolution

William and Mary
who were invited to take over the throne?

Glorious Revolution
another name for the Bloodless Revolution

when did the Bloodless Revolution occur?

William and Mary’s ascension
what caused the Bloodless Revolution?

what part of the English language was standardized?

Donne and Herbert
metaphysical writers

Ben Johnson
Cavalier writer

Westminster Confession
official creed of Scottish Presbyterian Church, replaced Thirty-nine Articles of the English church, composed of larger and shorter catechisms

Religious latitudinarianism
limit doctrinal essentials to broaden people identified as/with Christians

date of restoration; Charles returns Stuart line to throne

what genre did Bunyan introduce?

Grace Abounding to the Christ of Sinners
what work by Bunyan introduced the autobiography?

plain, didactic (to teach), used allusion
style of writing during this period

who wrote Pilgrim’s Progress?

to help Christians
purpose of Pilgrim’s Progress

what do the pilgrims want to buy at the Vanity Fair?

straight and narrow
the right paths for Christian was…?

country with most items in Vanity Fair

what was Bunyan’s story presented as?

Climbed up Mt. Sinai (Legality’s hill)
Christian is afraid it will fall on him, his burden gets heavier, hill is steeper than he thought, flames burst out at him

what did the journey represent?

main metaphor of Pilgrim’s Progress

Francis Bacon
said direct observation was the key to knowledge, not Aristotle or other Greek philosophers

direct observation
key to knowledge according to Bacon

we lose power over ourselves
when we gain power over others….

accept criticism, delegate responsibility, when making a change they give an explanation
in “Of Great Place,” great leaders are said to…?

John Milton
sided more with Independents than Presbyterians, said real virtue requires testing, and Christ is not equal to God

Paradise Lost
story by Milton

God will not be angry over such a small wrong, He will admire your courage, death just means you will become like God
at the tree (Paradise Lost), Satan uses these 3 arguments on Eve

Who caused man to fall?
First question by Milton in Paradise Lost?

true hero?

who did romantics at the time say was the “true hero”?

when Eve ate of the fruit, when Adam ate of the fruit
Nature groaned twice. When?

who incorrectly says that innocence equals ignorance?

innocence equals ignorance
What did Satan incorrectly say in Paradise Lost?

so he could see his repeated failures in trying to overthrow God, to confirm his damnation with his constant rebellion to God
Why did God let Satan escape the Lake of Fire?

justify ways of God to man
What was the purpose of Paradise Lost?

medias res, supernatural help (from a muse), similes, catalog (demons’ names)
What makes Paradise Lost an epic?