Research REAL

First of all, before TAG Tea was founded, there is no one create a shop like them which can drink teas and having a good time with friend. In a beverage industry that as seen more people drinking gourmet coffee, thanks to Cataracts and other coffee chains, TING Tea wants to be revolutionary, and finally they did it and very successful. They copy the successful strategy from Cataracts but in selling teas. For many people this is a new way to enjoy teas.

Therefore, it is one Of the strategies that help them to be a fashion designer tea brand. Secondly, WIG Tea Company chooses their tea leaves very carefully, and spend lots of time creating various blends. TAG Tea buys its teas from 36 countries. Their diversification products are leading the tea marketing and create a lot of proprietary special flavors. Also, they create more than WV dozens of flavors each year. Always keep launching the new flavors and diversification products help them to be a fashion designer tea brand.

This Singapore-based company is the titan of Luke in the tea-drinking industry. They aims to make tea an affordable indulgence . TWIG Tea wants their consumers are willing to pay a relatively higher sum for gourmet tea-it offer gourmet blends of loose tea leaves that cost from LOS$4. 5 to US $ 4,500 for 50 grams. They make the tea price to the new level, and make their teas to be luxury. They bring the new tea packing and image to the world and make very consumers feel their products are famous brand products.

Using the high price setting to give everyone the new position about their brand, it is useful strategy to be a fashion designer tea brand. Finally, they are very clever to follow up the social issues. Nowadays everybody consider about health problems, so they adopt health style. This strategy not only can build up good image but also can attract many consumers who are caring their living style. To be a fashion designer tea brand, they catch up the newest issues and using their dominant position to fit in and giving the consumers deep impress.