Raiding Employees

To prepare for the meeting in regards to the claim of employee raiding first, I will need to educate myself about what employee raiding means and understand all legal & ethical aspect of the term. Lift-out or employee raiding is when one business hires a group of employee from another competitor (Carr, 2010). Second, will need to determine not only the legal part of the matter, but also the ethical issues and how it will impact the firm in the future. Researching the topic and discussing it with the legal department and he executive team would be my next step.

Third, I will need to investigate the matter further and determine if a non-compete agreement has been violated (Kelley, Keen and Reid, n. D Finally, determining how this ramification will impact the business financially and come up with solutions to the situation. At the meeting, I will first start with stating the intentions of the company and emphasizing to the community that Looting’s goal is to achieve the best possible balanced outcome with the least amount of damage to all parties involved (Bateman, 2014).

To have four plants in the area will create competition; however, healthy competition can spur companies, individuals and teams on to achieve great things (Cubits, n. D. ). The common objective for all four parties is not only to have successful businesses & healthy human resource practices but also a high retention rate for a stronger & healthy community. I will address the issue of employee raiding, should it exist, and correct the problem immediately. Since the other firms had weaknesses with unman resource practices, providing some assistance or recommendations to help in this matter would be beneficial.