naturalism literature

elements of naruralistic literature
-harsh realities of american life
-grim view of the human condition
-influence of society and surroundings on the individual
-calluous indifference of nature

elements of naturalistic literature
-relationship between character and surroundings is difficult or challenging
-“plot of decline”, characters progression/retrogression is toward degeneration or death
-characters often shown as “beasts”
-individuals were hapless victims of heredity, society and natural forces

Common Themes in naturalistic literature
the brute within

common themes
man struggles to survive

common themes
influence of heredity and environment
moving between social classes

common themes
determinism, the inability to express free will

common topics
poverty, cruelty, corruption, futility of war

authors of naturalism
jack london, stephen crane

change in literature
naturalism is opposite of romanticism and transcendentalism