My Journal Is About Culture Shock

The most shocking moment that I had while in Jamaica was during the middle of the week we went out and ate dinner with one of the families in the community, during this time the family decided to give us a tour if there house and one Of the mothers there was breast feeding her child while giving us the tour. This to me was completely out of the ordinary but to them it was an everyday occurrence. Understand that some people in America believe it is okay to breast feed in public but where was raised mothers would go to a impolitely different room to tend to their child.

It was just strange seeing mothers just breast feed in public without caring what other people thought. This fact about the Jamaican culture as well as some other cultures around the world was mind blowing, to me it seems like people should respect their bodies more and try to hide themselves when fulfilling the necessities in a baby’s life. The living conditions were another huge difference. In America everyone has somewhere to lay there head down at night.

Now, I know that there are mom people in the world that are homeless and believe they have nothing in this world but there are numerous places that offer help and support for people in that situation. In Jamaica there are numerous people that don’t have homes, water, or electricity. Not only that but the people that do have homes live with about 10-20 people in the same house. These houses aren’t eve full size house like the ones we have In America. They are very small one bedroom houses with a pit in the middle for fires and cooking.

Could you imagine trying to sleep 10-15 people in a room that is the size of your editor, I couldn’t. The last and final cultural difference that really stood out to me is the language they spoke. If you tried hard enough you could pick out some of the words they were saying and I could not figure out why this was possible. Then it hit me the words I could understand was English but they weren’t speaking English the where speaking potato. This is a mixture of Spanish, French, and English. To me this was amazing the intellectual ability for someone to sit down and combined three different languages to make one language.

The reason this was so shocking to me is because you have all Of these people that can speak this very hard language but still they can’t figure out how to change their lifestyles to make it better. This journal is about the time I experienced culture shock in Jamaica. I believe that this experience has really helped me change my outlook on American culture. Believe that we as Americans take advantage of all the things our culture has to offer we don’t actually sit down and think where does this come from or how did we get this.