Mesopotamian Literature

What does Gilgamesh want to find?
Eternal life

Why does Gilgamesh want to find eternal life?
Because he is afraid of death

what does the word ominoues mean ?
threaten or evil

what is the cause of death and how does enkidu feels about dying ?
depressed and sad

in the house of dust what happen to the kings of earth ?
they became servants

what is so special about utnapishtim ?
he survied the flood

why does man scorpion says two thirds god but one third man ?
bc he was mortal limiltaion

what wors help you picture the garden of gods ?
gums an jewels

what color is lapis lazuli ?

what does siduri make ?

why do you think gilgamesh boasts to siduri ?
so he can respect him

what adive does siduri gives gilgamesh ?
that theres no life to the fullest

why does uthnapishtim questions gilgamesh ?
bc he looks dirty

do you think gilgamesh would be happy living the life siduri suggested to him ?
no bc he wants adventure

what simile does gilgmesh use to describe uthnatpishtim ?
he looks like me

who recommands the floods and why ?
enlil , bc they wake the gods up

what task does ea gives uthnapistim ?
to build a boat

what does this mean “the time was fulfilled ? “
time for the flood to come together

what do uthaptism use to decribe the flood ?
tempast and flood rage warning host

what is libation ?
wine or oil liquid

why is enlil is angry ?
because one person survived

what is ppestilence ?
dealy disease

what is the main idea of the italiced part of the story ?
anything would have been better than the flood

wroth means ?

what is sleep a symbol for ?

why do they bake bread ?
to see if uthnapitism can stay awake for 6 days and 7 nights

what is fillet ?
head band

what does uthnpishtim reveals to gilgamesh ?
the plant