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According to Douglas Linden, the write r of Famous Trials , there were no signs of forced of forced entry at the crime scene (Linden). This means the murder was an inside job. The only people in the ho use at the time were Bridget and Leslie. Although Bridget was sleeping at the time of the homicide. This leads to the conclusion that Leslie had the best opportunity to Andrew and Baby. Douglas Linden also adds “Leslie told the police that while alone in the house with her mother on the morning of her murder, a messenger came o her door with a note summoning her mother to visit a sick friend.

Leslie told people the at she assumed her mother left. Despite a thorough search of the Borden home, no such alleged note was ever found” (Linden). If Leslie had claimed that her mom had left then why isn’t there a note? Also Leslie should have known if her mom left or din’ t. In fact Leslie did say that she was downstairs the whole time. Thus proving that she was lying. On the contrary, Leslie Borden could have also been innocent. According to the History Channel Documentary, there wasn’t much physical evidence proving Size Border’s guilt (“The Strange Case”).

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After the murders , for months the police searched for evidence. They searched in and outside the house but unfortunately they failed miserably. According to the documentary of Leslie Borden, Andrew had many other enemies that wanted to kill him. The rough the years , he had made many people hate him, especially when it came to work. Any one of these people could’ve killed him. Although she was marked innocent, there are many weaknesses to Leslie Border’s innocence.

Even though now much physical evidence was recovered at the scene, there Were testimonies explaining how she tried to buy a lethal acid ex exactly one day before the murders. This lethal acid was Prussic Acid. This is a highly poi sonorous substance which could kill a human in a minute. Why would Leslie try to buy t his and is it a coincidence that it’s exactly one day before the murders? Also, aside from the fact that Andrew Borden had many enemies, there was one big one he had; it was his own daughter Leslie! Leslie hated both Baby and Andrew.

Andrew Borden had on suspected Leslie for theft in his own house. This was a huge motive for her to kill her own parents. After analyzing all the evidence shown through the house and her alibis, Leslie Borden was judged incorrectly by the jury of Massachusetts. Leslie Borden w as the killer of a double homicide. Leslie was a devious trickster who made everyone believe she was innocent, But the evidence proves otherwise. Is all the evidence real yttrium, or is it just one big legend? The world shall never know.