History Edit

The religion of the Incas was to worship a pantheon of goddesses and gods of nature. They believed in the existence of heavens and worshiped ancestors. Aztec religion is a complex interaction of gods, directions, dates, and colors. Spanish religion began with a fight between Christianity and Islam. The religious struggle was between the Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, and Protestantism. In the three societies, the family was the basic unit of the society.

However, the Aztec had their families identify with certain larger roofs called Calculi. All the three societies had members of the society grouped themselves according to the property they had. The Spanish had the most advanced technology among the three groups, and that explains how they defeated the Inca. The Spanish forces were smaller although they defeated the great empires of the Inca and Aztec. The Inca and the Aztec had a similar culture. They had a well-organized army that enabled them to have two big empires.

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However, the Spanish had better armies, and a better system of irrigation. The Spanish army was able to defeat the Inca and the Aztec because their armies had better organization compared to the other armies. The Spanish also had better weapons. Nearer and Caber De Visa’s voyage was an exception because they were the only ones who managed to find a way back to civilization after many years over the land they did not know in North America. They were only four out of the three hundred men on the voyage.