Gujarat Earthquake

Extensive oozes have been reported from the affected areas. On the basis of preliminary rye estimates, the severity of the quake and its devastation can be judged by a comparison of so me natural disasters in recent times. Normalization of disaster induced deaths, homeless news, and economic loss by the population or GAP of a country can reduce the apparent scale of a disaster in a large country. This can be illustrated with the example of the didst rice of Ketch -a district with a population close to that of Nicaragua – worst affected by the re cent quake.

While the inherent magnitude of the loss and the tragedy is a given quantum, it looks very efferent depending on whether the loss to life and income are expressed as a proportion of the population of the district itself, or of Gujarat (the Indian State to which it b longs) or India. Estimating the loss from the earthquake is important for devising police s and drawing up requirements for assistance both from within and outside India. Various TTY pees of losses that can be distinguished are: casualties, number of homeless, impairment of functionality of essential facilities, and loss of output.

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Most articulateness deaths and NJ urges as well as stoppage of production result from damaged buildings. This is why the loss FRR m an earthquake depends on the density of buildings in the affected zone as well a s their structural and nonstructural problems. Damage and claustrophobic potentialities of buildings depend on the type and quality of construction, age, condition of upkeep, local I ground conditions, building code in effect at the time Of construction, contents, usage , and number of occupants at various times of the day.

While considerable progress has been made in earthquake hazard identification and strategies to deal with earthquake relate deed problems in the last two decades, the lack of an inventory of building stock, even in the US , continues to e an obstacle in actual or potential loss estimation. The problem of a lack of I inventory of buildings is particularly acute in the case of the affected areas in the recent q quake in Gujarat.

Given all the limitations of the data, firm estimates of losses from the recent q quake will take time to compile. In the interim, quantification IS critical for designing reel if and rehabilitation packages and implementing them before the onset of the moons non. This paper is an attempt to estimate the economic impact of the earthquake. While it is r consider that the quake has had an adverse impact on the cultural environment of the affect deed districts, the State, and India in general, the focus is on the economic impact.

The economic impact of an earthquake, or any natural disaster can be c lassie as: losses to immovable assets, losses to movable assets economic losses due to business interruption, public sector economic costs, and household income losses due to death, injury, and job disruption. The first impact consists of the direct economic losses due to destroyed or severely damaged buildings and other structures (such as power substations). Losses to movable assets consist of economic losses due to damaged or destroyed count .NET of alluding and other private property.