Gender Inequality Is a Men

Gender inequality isn’t just a problem for women, it’s an issue for all of us. It’s not just a female issue, its a human issue. According to static by the Center for Disease Control, suicide is four times higher among men than it is women. “Suicide needs to be addressed as a health and gender inequality- an avoidable difference in health and length of life that… Effects men more because of the way society expects them to behave,” according to a report by Samaritan, a U.

K. -based suicide-prevention organization. Gender inequality has always been synonymous with feminism and women’s rights, but gender equality is a man’s right also. Society often treats gender equality as a one side issue. We often see young men suffering from mental illness, unable to ask for help, for fear it would make them less of man. In fact, suicide is the biggest killer Of men, between the age Of 20 to 49, eclipsing road accidents, cancer and coronary heart disease.

We don’t often about gender stereotype in men, how men are also imprisoned by the distorted sense of hat male behavior should constitute; aggression, control, and power. I think men and women both should feel free to be sensitive and strong. Virginia Language, director of the Villain-based Institute for Gender Equality (EDGE), says due to stereotype, men are expected to work longer hours and are given less personal and family time. Language, thinks that if men’s would involve in household activities and spend more time with family, then they would have better health and a better relationship with the family. Ere with Language, because we see that men spent most of their time at work so they can support their family but can’t give more time to family; where women work but they don’t get more load of work as men’s. We also see that when women become victims of any kind of harassment, it becomes media issue. I am not saying that it’s not a big of deal but just like women, men too are victims of sexual harassment at workplaces but is not often acknowledged and, consequently, men continue to suffer silently.

Giving example of inequality, hen parents get divorce we often see that children custody goes to mother. If mother had taken good care of her child and child needs mother because she is a mother then why father are not given enough access to their children or shared parenting during separation while they also changed the diapers and spend enough time nurturing their kids. It’s not uncommon for women speaking out for women’s issues but bringing men into the conversation in open-minded way is a crucial step to actually making progress on gender inequality.