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Obtaining or developing new programs Changing procedures that require people to work in different ways 100% Ordering new hardware and installing it 3. The five-component model of information systems includes: users, programs, information, hardware, software computers, programming languages, programmers, code, best practices hardware, software, data, procedures, people 100% servers, clients, networks, databases, data 4. Kerosene suggests that the only job security is “a marketable skill and the courage to use it.

Which of the following skills does he suggest will be most marketable in the 21 SST century? Computer programming skills Financial accounting skills Non-routine cognitive skills Gaming skills 5. Because of Moor’s Law, the cost of data communications and data storage is essentially Zero. That statement would seem to be reflected in all of the following EXCEPT: Google is offering free calls through Gamma to any cell phone or land line in the U. S. And Canada Faceable has over 500 million users

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The tunes App Store offers more than 100,000 phone APS College tuition is increasing at more than twice the rate of Inflation 100% 6. All of the following are included in the definition of management information systems EXCEPT: development and use organizational hierarchy information systems business goals and objectives 7. Based on a survey of business professionals, which of the following is an important characteristic for an effective collaborator? Is open-minded and curious Is a skilled and persuasive presenter

Has experience as a collaborator Is well organized 8. Which of the following is an example of a collaboration application? Google Docs Microsoft Sharpening Microsoft Groove All of the above 9. Face-to-face meetings and conference calls are examples of communication. Synchronous Distributed Virtual Asynchronous 10. Martha and her team are unable to meet at the same time. Which of the following technologies could she use to facilitate team communication? Video conferencing Multiuse instant messaging Discussion forum Poi 11.