Faux Frienships

Also, they are willing to understand how to compromise with each other and this is really important when trying to maintain a lifetime friendship and often even making sacrifices for the value of the friendship. This day in time friendships have changed. Adults, as well as children being raised in today’s society are equipped with a vast array of advanced technological equipment so we are seeing a change in the way friendships evolve. The new type of friendships we see forming now are interpersonal communication with networking sites.

This is what we refer to as digital friends and reference what is often called social-networking. “With the social-networking sites of the new century-Friends and My Space were launched in 2003, Backbone in 2004- the friendship circle has expanded to engulf the whole of the social world, and in doing so has destroyed both its own nature and that of individual friendship itself. (Directories 151 Directories does a good job supporting people that have had real personal friendships before the coming of today’s advanced technology. Now we are faced with a much more impersonal form of communication with friends.

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