English Skills

How would help my parents save money after we just moved? Started brainstormed ideas ABA out how could improve my English. The first thing that came to my mind was reading books. So, the next day went to library and got some books. Books helped a lot, but my cousin w ho was born in united States, said “Start watching shows because they speak good English w which will be easier for you to understand than the English that writer’s use in books. ” By the e end of the week I had around twenty shows on Nettling; It was the most entertaining and lawful way to learn English, but didn’t end yet.

There was always a dark side of my mind that I don’t want to go and ask some one for help because I might mess up something which might make me lose a friend or the eye might make fun of me for example, one day in my chemistry class, I dint understand a pro bled, I asked my problem but I don’t understand what he replied back. That was a sad part of myself that I wanted no one to see, so I never spoke much, didn’t talk a lot, never raised m y hands in the class to answer the question because I thought people will judge me and ma eke fun of me later on. It’s been two and half years since I moved to united States.

Every day I wake u p, tell myself still have to learn a lot to survive in a different country and to speak a ND understand it’s language. After TV’0 years I finally had the guts to ask my parents why we moved to united States. They said, “For your future, here you can study hard and reach your goal of being a mechanical engineer, which in India it would have been pretty hard of r you to do. ” At the end this two and half years I’ve changed a lot as a person and I thank my parents every day for bringing me to Unites States so can study and reach my goals.