Die Lewe Van N Tuinker Abouter

A valuable heirloom that guarded my master garden for 3 narrations. Was handmade by the Chinese porcelain’s and got imported all the way to Bakersfield. Now am standing on the empty cold balcony in Paris. You say Romantic.. No goodness no! Less far away from those picturesque images you have postcards do the Eiffel tower. In your What people don’t see is the grey building’s behind that Eiffel tower releasing those deathly clouds of gases, namely carbonized.

Mostly people are too busy to see the beauty in manmade things that thy see no faults in them. This world soused be such a beautiful place filled with riches of nature and proper living without harming the nature unless absolutely necessary but owe, human being are just way stepping the line and making this planet into a mess. Business, entertainment but once it’ ruined the greed for materialism isn’t going to help retrieve the death. Let will be too late. Don’t want the earth to feel bare dirty and broken like a do I once used to serve 3 generations of masters guarding their well looked after garden filthiest the duff of flora but it was replaced with a grotesque -repertory and now IM looking out the the polluted surrounding of the Eiffel tower half fearing and waiting for the day my new masters child to walk into the balcony and accidentally/’ smashing me. No IM not crying. The acidic air is making my eyes just water Eek Satan in Die middle van subdue,strata, Vermeer, die kook en glided.

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Elk Ogden en and I took a refreshing shower of dew drops. The rushing of the willow trees woke me up en put me to sleep into the aromatic night with stars watching out for me overhead. I miss those times of 50 years ago. I now stand on the empty cold balcony in Paris. You say Romantic? No goodness no! It’s far from those picturesque images you have of the Eiffel tower on postcards. What people don’t see are the buildings behind that Eiffel tower releasing those deathly clouds of gases, namely carbonized.