Dewey S Reflective Thinking Method

We are finding that the problems aren’t just about DNA because there are cases that involve wrongfully convicted inmates that doesn’t include DNA, which is misidentification, improper forensic science, government misconduct, and bad leveraging. The Government really doesn’t benefit in helping resolve this issue but it is a government issue non-the less.

Analyze the Problem and Establish Criteria for Solution There’s not enough manpower on the outside to read every letter submitted stating innocence in addition to inmates voices not being heard hill incarcerated thus making it difficult to get help from the outside sources likes the innocence Project. 2. There is a problem with Double Jeopardy when the courts are trying to retry the inmate for a crime that they are not guilty of. 3.

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When inmates come from a lower economical status, inmates don’t know that they have the right to get their voice heard. These inmates come from a background with little to no money, lower IQ status, and their families don’t have the money to support their case. Generate Possible Solutions: First we need to show the government the severity of how many people n the prison system are claiming innocence but still have no organization that is state funded to read their cases to reevaluate their case to be exonerated based off of DNA 2.

We need to have every state elect an official in each county that is designated to review wrongfully convicted inmates cases within a month of receiving their file or notice. 3. We realize there is an organization set up for wrongful convictions called the Innocence Project, however there is a need for more grassroots organizations if the government will not take action. 4. We can ask that fame lies of wrongfully convicted inmates start a coalition and or organization to help organizations that help exonerate inmates who have been wrongfully accused, so they are not waiting for years.

Select the Best Solution We are proposing that the best solution is getting individuals on a grassroots level to spearhead organizations in their counties and or states to help overturn wrongful convictions and making sure that DNA cases in particular are expedited by providing the manpower to read letters submitted and then forward to the proper legal agencies to reopen the cases within less than the 18 months that is currently being done.