College Transportation: Convenient?

Few buses run on Saturdays, and absolutely no buses run on Sundays. I do not believe this is adequate. Bus times are inconvenient, and this transportation method as a whole is not prioritize correctly; believe the busing should be extended to a much later time in the evening, as well as 7 days a week. For more than half of the students here at the University of Kansas, getting home after the last class of the day isn’t an issue. However, because not everyone has their own car at college, dependence on busing is required (unless you’re feeling up to walking a mile or more).

The main bus that takes students up to Daisy Hill, 43 red, stops running at 5:pm. Because I am in the school of architecture, my afternoon 4-hour-long studios don’t get out until pm; this is after the main busing stops. While there are sometimes other bus options after 5:pm, such as the downtown bus (1 1) and the circulator (41), they are seldom reliable. I use my class as an example because of personal experience, but there are plenty of other classes that let out after 5:pm as well.

With Daisy Hill having the biggest concentration of students, you’d think the university would provide adequate busing to and from this rear during necessary transportation times. If the classes held at later hours are scheduled by the school, logically the school should arrange to have busing during those times, correct? No, walking is not the end of the world, but having to walk at least 1 5 minutes every journey adds up, especially in the gruesome Lawrence winter wind.

In addition to getting home from classes, there is also the issue of getting home from club meetings. This is not as serious as the prior issue, seeing as being a club member is a personal choice and not at all required. However part of the college experience advertised to incoming freshmen includes labs, sports, and other activities. I am a member of AAAS (American Institute of Architecture Students), and after our weekly meeting I often have to walk home. Because there are so many clubs here at SKI, I estimate I am one of many that have to do this.

It seems realistic to me to have a bus running during times in which school sponsored organizations meet. One of my biggest frustrations thus far revolves around the student race center. There is absolutely no bus that goes from the race center to daisy hill. Once again, daisy hill has the highest concentration of students. The majority f people on my floor in my dorm go to the race often, but they are lucky enough to have access to a car; most students don’t have that luxury. This creates reluctance to go to the race at all, as it’s a trek to even get there.

This is a problem. UK prides itself on its assets, and the student race center is definitely promoted quite a bit. However how can students take advantage of their school’s amenities when travel is an issue? All over campus there are signs advertising many different types of health, physical health being one of them. Participation at the race center is a fantastic way to keep up this physical lath, so the university needs to plan accordingly. There needs to be a bus running between the dorms and the recur and that bus needs to be running much later than 5:pm.

Most students won’t go to places like the race until after their classes are over for the day, which supports the need for later busing. Like most colleges, imagine, the University of Kansas has less bus routes running on Saturdays. The two most convenient routes for those living on daisy hill, 43 red and 41 circulator, do not run on weekends. This means bayou need to get to campus, you either walk or wait for the 11 bus that comes very 30 or 40 minutes. There are no buses whatsoever on Sundays. What do most students need on weekends?

Students need to go to the store, and they need to get to campus to do schoolwork and/or study. It is extremely hard to do either of these things. Every single weekend, I am in Marvin hall working on studio projects. I am not the only one. There are lots of people that go to the UK libraries on weekends to work as well. That being said, why isn’t there scheduled transportation? Shouldn’t a college make it easy to focus on academics? L, as well as many others, cannot work in my dorm room. My roommate isn’t agreeable and my floor is loud.

Libraries are meant to be utilized by people needing to get out of these environments and get things accomplished, so the university should help make that possible. Often, students are busy with classes and homework during the week, so the weekend is when they would ideally make their trips to the grocery store and Walter. However without adequate busing on the weekends, many are forced to try and go during the week. Unfortunately, the bus that goes between these stores and campus (1 1 ) doesn’t stop at daisy hill between the ours of 1 pm and pm every weekday.

With this knowledge, when is one supposed to go to the store? You can’t go most of Saturday or at all on Sunday, you have class during the week, and the bus can’t even pick you up between 1 pm and pm, unless you get on a bus on Skyjack Blvd. However then you have to lug around your backpack and school supplies, and then your groceries as well afterwards as you struggle to get back home. The concept of a ‘safeness’ on a college campus is a fantastic idea. It’s there to provide a safe way home during the night on weekends, which is especially liable to college females like myself.

However, in actuality this system is used primarily to cart underage college students to parties. It is irritating that drunk teenagers have priority transportation over dedicated students and those looking to run a necessary weekend errand. No, the safeness should not be discontinued by any means; it’s quite valuable. However, there needs to be additional transportation during other days and times. Being freshmen in a school as large as SKI is already scary and at times frustrating, so when you add in the inconvenient busing, it’s a wonder more dents don’t lose their minds.