Viviane has passion for making chocolate. That is how she combines business and hobby. However her chocolate is special, it has an incredible taste, which no one can resist. Once Viviane and her daughter arrive at a small French village, they open their own “Chocolate”. Unfortunately, the Mayor Of the town is this kind Of man, who has his own prejudice. Being a respected man of the town, he makes Viviane an outsider and she cannot get the appreciation of the inhabitants of the French town. Due to her kindness, sympathy and chocolate she eventually sakes really good friends with some people there.

One day a handsome gypsy, Roux, comes to the town in his houseboat and catches Viand’s eye. Now Roux and Viviane have to inspire the locals to give up on hypocrisy and remember about love. As far as the acting concerned, the cast is rather surprising, but at the same time, all the actors performed perfectly together. For example, Juliet Pinochle, as Viviane is a fine actress. She was able to show all the contradictory features of Viviane, the image of femininity, and at he same time of courage and stubbornness.

The other actor, who would also like to point at is Alfred Moline (the Mayor of the town). His character is not ordinary. He had to play not only a bad guy, but also an unhappy man, who was left by his wife, therefore all the years he had to cope with loneliness and refrain himself from happiness and joy. Another aspect of the film which deserves mention is impressive photography. A somber landscape of a small French town presented like a town from a fairytale for children.

Although the film was shot in the village of “Flavoring-sure-Suzerain” in France, the river and all the interior scenes were filmed in Wiltshire, England. However, at first glance, it is really difficult to differentiate. To sum up, I feel that the movie “Chocolate” is special and many people would find it fascinating. To me, it is a great mixture of an ingenious story, skillfully and beautifully directed scene and talented actors and actresses. If you have not seen it, make sure you do not miss it.