Case MTV

This shapes the culture norms of what is shown on elevation such as the distinct prayers at certain times throughout the day for about five to fifteen minutes. The religion also shapes its legal system meaning they have an Islamic legal system. Economically the Middle East is heavily dependent on their wealth from the Oil and gas industry. This has given them a strong stable economy that allows them a vast amount of GAP to dispense throughout their country. However, the Middle East has a Monarch that holds a lot of the power and controls the money being distributed.

This creates a rather regulated economy and a cough market to enter; because of this the wealth is held by a small percentage of the people. MET will have more than a few challenges entering the Arabian Market. The first challenge MET will face is going to be the differences in culture. MET went at this problem in a unique and innovative way. They went on a sixty- forty scale; with sixty percent of the aired content being international and the remaining forty being local content. This will ensure the integrity and truthfulness to the MET brand, while still adhering to the Arabic culture.

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The sixty-forty model will also create a bridge in easing the new viewers into having a brand loyalty to the MIN/ brand, because part of their pop culture will be displayed alongside world famous artist. MET also did extensive research at schools and universities to ensure that the content they were going to show will be acceptable and liked by their future viewers. They also combated the culture barriers by surveying authority figures in the household over the content that was being displayed, and if they would allow their children to attach these shows.

After all the extensive research that MET did in regard to entering they still needed approval and a good partner to make sure they would thrive. MET decided to partner with OMG; they had a good foothold on METCSS intended demographic and were already an established network. This will help with the transition to the Arabic market and help smooth over the heavy regulations regarding media. MET also met with several personal from the government to gain their influences so there would be nothing hindering them entering the market.

I feel as if there is a big enough market for MET to thrive in, because in Saudi Arabia there is majority of youth in the populous. Which fits Mat’s demographic perfectly because it’s just like that of the United States. There is also a vast amount of endorsements that MET would benefit from and will get significant revenue from partnering with OMG. The only hardship that they will have to overcome is adjusting the content to the locals. They can achieve this with their global business model which is “think globally, act locally’. MET will have to compete against already established local stations.

A problem that AH Jazzier had entering our market is the United States national pride and our growing tensions with the Middle East. AH Jazzier also launched its channel as a current affairs and news which leads to competition against established shows like Fox News, CNN, NBC, etc… These shows all have a strong footing in our society and place where the majority of of the people receive their news. They will also have the same problem as MET with catering towards the local taste and adjusting its content accordingly. This with their global business model which is “think globally, act locally”. MM