Case Analysis Paper

Drug screenings needed to be performed, and new hires needed o have their applications and transcripts up-to-date. Carl became very troubled, and was not sure how he was going to handle the situation at hand. To solve the issues of making sure new hires are ready to work, Carl Robins must make sure all drug tests are done, all paper work is completed, a room is set for orientation and the new hire manuals are completed for orientation. Carl Robbins failed to review the scheduling log prior to setting the orientation date.

Through the scheduling log, Carl was informed that the room was also reserved by technical services throughout the whole month of June. This is a big concern considering he had already set a date with Monica Car rolls; the operations supervisor. Carol’s next step would be to contact technical services and inform them of the June, 15th orientation and the potential new employees. Explaining the vital situation to Joe from technical services would be a step towards fixing the setback.

Communicating with technical services gives the opportunity to share the room for the day of orientation or push the computer training seminars for the new database software implementation back considering Joe has it for the whole month of June. After speaking with technical services Carl can feel confident in knowing that the room will be available or a time will be rescheduled for the orientation to take place. Scheduling is very important for business to run smoothly. Anderson, 2012) The manuals for new employee orientation were neglected. Upon reviewing the manuals Carl found only three copies with missing pages in all of them. The trainees would not be able to understand company policies, rules and regulations, benefits, or any other material that might be beneficial to them at the work place. At most businesses the Human Resource Department is responsible for producing employee handbooks. The employee handbooks should be up to date, complete, and contain all rules and policies for BBC Inc. Anderson, 2012) After contacting Human Resources, Carl can feel relieved knowing that he will have all required materials for orientation. Being prepared for new potential employees by Carl educating himself on the companies polices is necessary for awareness within the company. It will help him to notify potential employees. They were not informed that they needed to take a drug screen. This could possibly lead to further complications as this is one of the company’s policies.

Carl should have informed the recruits that this was a mandatory screening to pursue future employment with the company. A possible solution that could be used to solve this obstacle would be to have the recruits submit to on-sight drug testing. This would not only save Carl the time of finding a clinic for the recruits to go to, but also prevent any confusion for the company or employees. An on-sight drug test is where a certified health professional loud come to the company and perform drug screenings on willing potential employees.

Often the results are given to the employer on the spot. This is a quick and precise task that benefits both employee, and employer. The advantage for the company is that they would not have to send potential employees or current workers out of the work photosphere. Doing so could cause distractions, and hurt the company cost. Another reason is that employees have time to think about any kind of doubt they may have. (The Benefits of On-Site Drug testing, 201 1) Carl must make sure all paperwork is omelet to continue the hiring process.

If this is not completed he will not be able to continue with his recruitment. Although some of the trainees did not have applications completed or transcripts on file it is crucial for Carl to have them do so. A result may be to have the trainees that did not complete these tasks finish them during orientation. This would protect Carl from any other obstacles such as looking for new recruits. It would also ensure Monica that Carl can accomplish his commitment to the duties that were expected Of him.

It would be unethical for Carl to confirm that his responsibility was incomplete. He assured Monica that all priorities would be met, and having the trainees complete the necessary requirements would be substantial. Communication is significant in any role that is conquered in the work force. Carl should have informed Joe; with technology services that he would need the room for orientation on June 15. This would allow Carl different options as well as suggestions from Joe considering he had booked the room for the whole month and Carl needed it for one day.

Another result would be for Carl to correspond with Monica Carroll; the operations supervisor. Instead of committing to a specific deadline he could have researched information before any obligations were met. Reassuring Monica put Carl in a challenging position, because not all of his tasks were in order, and he became displeased with potentially having an unsatisfying outcome. The solutions for Carl would be to effectively communicate With his superior, recruits, and technology services. These methods create a suitable outcome for Carl, Monica Carroll, ND Joe.