Career Management 3.03

What is the determining factor in deciding whether a document should be included in the career portfolio?
Personal and career goals

Researching a career to find out whether jobs will be available in that field in the future can help determine:
a career outlook.

The most effective career plan is one that is designed:
cooperatively with a parent and counselor.

A well-defined road map to achieving a career goal is a/an:
career plan.

Making a career choice to work out-of-doors will mean:
learning to adapt to the environment.

Which job requires physical strength?
Brick masonry

Nontraditional careers for women include those in:
skilled trades.

Unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature is:
sexual harassment.

Which is an occupational cluster in the North Carolina Career pathways?
Health Sciences

Updating the individual career plan ensures that the student:
can change career direction as needed.

An example of a job from the Public Services career cluster is a/an:

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles on ONet describes:
job duties and work characteristics.

Which is not a factor to consider in evaluating career options?
Friend’s choice of career

The fastest declining occupations are in the field of:

A book that describes thousands of jobs in regards to duties and work characteristics is:
Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

What should be included as part of the personal information on a career profile?

A student’s four-year career plan developed for use in high school should reflect:
courses to support the student’s chosen career pathway.

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles:
gives a definition of thousands of careers.

To research careers, begin by going to:
ONet/Occupational Outlook Handbook(OOH).

Which is not a career information guide?
Readers’ Guide to Periodic Literature