Canto V Lesson Plans

Poetic Devices: Type: alliteration “There Minis sits, grinning, grotesque , and hale” (Line 4). Effect: This emphasizes the characteristics of Minis as described by Dante ” then wraps his twitching tail about himself… ” (Line 11). This gives the reader visual details while contributing to the rhythm of the poem Type: repetition “This has been willed where what is must be… ” The repetition emphasizes the importance of what has been willed, strengthening Virgin’s argument simile “Now the choir of anguish, like a wound (Line 25).

Dante compares the cries of the sinners in the Second Circle to a wound because like the flesh is pierced, the cries pierce the air “l came to a place stripped bare of every light wracked by a war of winds ” (Lines 28-30). The repeating “W’ places emphasis on all the words beginning in that letter, expressing the severity of the winds repetition and epigram (? ) #96 “with never a hope of to comfort them, not of release, but of even less pain (Lines 44_45).

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